Acrylic sheet

Acrylic sheet is so widely used in various applications in the areas of life. This material is made with urea compounds which are found in animal urine. Then the urea is produced synthetically in 1828 formed the basis of phenol-formaldehyde plastic. After that how the simultaneous nature of the polymer through the study of glass and is also resilient and flexible and rigid plastics.
Acrylic resin into use in 1931 for the binder layer and the laminated glass industry.

The nature of the acrylic has some very interesting characteristics. Materials that exceptional weather capabilities and crystal clarity. This material is also used for injection molding compounds are available as cast sheet, rod or tubing and sheet extruded film as well.
Acrylic can be used for shelving, brochure holder until the suggestion box.
Advantage of acrylic is strong and weather resistant, abrasion resistant, unbreakable and flexible when compared to glass, can withstand the sun's rays in a long time, can be cut with a variety of methods, easy to clean, resistant to corrosion and good for use as an insulator.

Another common trait is the acrylic cans transmit and control light and also has a light transmission up to 92% with refractive index 1.49. This material is also stable against changes in color and has a dimensional stability.

Acrylic also cans injected with colors that will produce a full spectrum of transparent or opaque depending on your needs. Colored acrylic can be used on outdoor in a long time because they also filter out ultraviolet rays to reduce the transmission of UV rays.

Mechanical properties of acrylic materials can be used on short-term loads. strength of acrylic will appears larger at room temperature, even some types of bullet resistant acrylic.
Acrylic is also resistant to scratches, but it's acrylic sheet also has optical properties.
Acrylic sheet is very durable and resistant to weather and also very easy to clean acrylic so it is very widespread use of this material so that the acrylic used in millions of unique products.

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  1. Nowadays most of the people prefer plastic Acrylic Sheets products because they are light weighted as compared to glass products and easy to carry.
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