Acrylic fabric

Acrylic fabric have advantages such as not rot or shrink as well as canvas and not too moist which will cause mold to grow. Acrylic material made from acrylic fiber fabric which is widely used in knitwear such as in upholstery, carpets, curtains, blankets, sweaters, hats, socks, etc. ..
Maybe people think that the acrylic fabric can be used instead of a soft wool, but lighter.

Acrylic fabric was first produced by DuPont in 1940, though now they no longer produce it. Yet still widely produced worldwide. Acrylic fabrics have been developed since the forty years that produce a softer variety of fabrics. Acrylic fabrics have been widely grown in Asia although many developing technologies the United States.

Acrylic fabric can be produced by spinning using a solvent to dissolve the polymer and each process extrudes the polymer will rotates to strengthen them.
Another process is the process by providing warm air dries then wet spinning process through a coagulating and producing a dry cloth. Cain then withdrawn to produce tensile strength in accordance with the needs of buyers as well as color, stain resistance and all that can be designed in accordance with the needs of the buyer.

The advantage is the durability of acrylic fabric and color that does not fade and quick drying. Besides UV resistance and is also suitable for outdoor use and evaporate faster than natural fabrics.
Acrylic fabric also does not shrink, and elastic qualities.
One disadvantage of acrylic fabric feels some people are allergic to wearing cloth and cause itching.
At the beginning it was so and also uncomfortable. Developments in the manufacturing process can overcome these problems so that this material is more likely to be selected and also due to more easily take care of it.

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