Acrylic Nail

Acrylic Nail is one of the popular at the moment is the latest trends and styles of nail. Currently the nail on the design with several colors to serve the tastes of customers. Generally, nails are used for special events and many women use acrylic nails as part of their regular beauty routine.
Various ways they used to extend or shorten their nails to keep it beautiful.

Acrylic nails are made by mixing powder with liquid. The liquid that is used by professional nail is Ethyl Methacrylate, or EMA. Another ingredient is Methyl Methacrylate or MMA but EMA is slightly more expensive than MMA.
MMA is often used because it saves costs, but the MMA has side effects such as skin irritation and also causes an irregular nail growth. Therefore urged crafts persons using the EMA because of better quality and also for safety for the wearer.

Many people choose acrylic nails regularly. One reason is to stop the habit of biting their nails. By using the artificial nail will stop the habit. However artificial nails also require maintenance like a natural nail.

All women want their nails beautiful. It is undeniable beautiful nails are sexy. Industry to make artificial nails are very big. So also with the products being sold so that the nail technicians are also required to serve the needs of the individual.

Acrylic nails should also be treated like a natural nail. It is useful to expose the nail water for a period of time because water can seep between the natural nails and acrylic nails causing damage and may cause infection.
If you wash the dishes should use rubber gloves. You can also do your routine work without feeling worried about your artificial nails if you use quality ingredients.

For those customers acrylic nails they will concentrate on the nail with various designs, colors and trends. In addition they can add a little sparkle. Some more exotic choices include tiny gems and stickers. The most popular trend today is nail piercing. A nail technician can design to penetrate the nail with the jewelry, something not possible with natural nails. Thus, acrylic nails offer something very great flexibility.

If you need a nail service typically is about one hour. This process is relatively fast and do not cost much. Acrylic nails easily maintained and treated.

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